fiberglass cloth introduction and applications.

Fiberglass cloth is made by superfine glass wool. Fiberglass cloth is an engineering material, which has many excellent characteristics, such as anti-burning, corrosion resistant, stable structure, heat-isolating, minimum elongated shrinkage, high intensity, etc. This new material product has already covered many domains such as electric appliance, electronic, transportation, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, heat insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention and environmental protection, etc. According to fabric organizational structure and appearance, there are such kind of products: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, gauze weave.

1. Petrochemical: pipes, tanks, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders

2. Transportation: cars, buses, tankers, tankers, tanks, liquefied gas cylinders

3. Electrical industry: industrial and household appliances, printed circuit boards and electronic equipment shell

4. Building materials: Column beam, fence, wave color tile, decorative plate, kitchen

5. Machinery industry: aircraft structure, fan blades, firearms parts, artificial bones and teeth

6. Science and technology defense: aerospace industry, weapons communications industry; missile satellite, space shuttle, military base, helmet, transformation of the aircraft cab door

7. Leisure culture: fishing rod, golf club , Tennis racket, bow and arrow, pole, bowling, swimming pool, snowboard

Post time: Aug-23-2019
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