fiberglass insect screen mesh

Fiberglass insect screen mesh also named window screen. Huili insect screening systems include all kinds of insect screen products and material, production process, packing, application. window screen has wide applications in our life.

Process and Features: Our products used in window screen and door , It made of fiber glass yarn, under the process of plastic-coating, plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing. This kind of insect screen offers good ventilation, good transparence, easy washing, anticorrosion, resistance to burn, strong-tensile force and long service life.

Fiberglass insect screen is one plain weaving type screen. This type insect screen wire diameter is smaller than other traditional window screen diameter. Fiberglass insect screen have the good light transmission. It looks nothing after installation, widening the vision.Materials: fiberglass, PVC.Weaving: It is made made of fiberglass wire with the processing of plastic coating, plain weaving, heating and stereotypes.

Long life time: It has the advantages of excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-hot, anti-dry moisture resistance, fire retardant, anti-moisture, anti-static. It has the features of good light transmission, no channeling, no deformation, UV resistance, high tensile strength and long service life long. And fiberglass insect screen is beautiful and well-structured.
Widely application: directly installed in the window frame. Wood, steel, aluminum and plastic gate or window are available for installing. It has anti-corrosion, high strength, anti-aging, fire performance and without paint.
Non-toxic and tasteless.
Fiberglass screen used as wire screen can be fire retardant.
With anti-static function, dust-proof, good breathable performance.
Good light transmission.
Automatic filter the light, anti-ultraviolet radiation, protecting health.
Anti-aging, long lifetime, design reasonable, being used repeatedly.
Environmentally friendly: It does not contain harmful chlorine fluoride to the atmosphere, with the standard of ISO 14001 international environmental certification requirements. So it dose not produce any harmful pollution to use.
Applications: widely used in high-class office building, residential, buildings, farms, orchard, etc. It is the best protection product against insects and mosquitoes.

Fiberglass insect screen mesh enjoys graceful and generous appearance, suitable for all sorts of airy in salvation and preventing insect and mosquito. It’s widely used in construction, orchard, ranch as screening, fences or enclosure materials. Light type fiberglass mesh screen is mainly used in houses against mosquito and bugs. The heavy type fiberglass screen is used against pets.

Fiberglass insect screen mesh is fireproofing, easy cleaning and flexible, also light weight and the fiberglass fabric has high tensile strength. This features makes fiberglass insect screen an ideal material used in industrial and agricultural building to prevent from fly, mosquito and small insect etc. 

It is widely used for air exchange and insect proofing in buildings, fields, gardens, vegetable sheds and other structures.

Post time: May-13-2019
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