Fiberglass Insect Screen – Most Common Used Screen

Fiberglass insect screen is also called fiberglass window screen. The material is fiberglass wire. It is coated with a protective vinyl to ensure bright beauty, flexibility and will not rust, corrode or stain. Fiberglass window screen is easy to use and least expensive of all window screen mesh. So it is the most commonly used insect screen for windows, patio and pool enclosures.


Non-toxic and tasteless.

Resistance for burning, corrosive and static.

Filter UV radiation automatically and protect the family health.

The vinyl coated can supply the bright color, high strength and strong scalability.

The gray and black color can reduce glare and improve visibility.

Easy to install and clean.

Fiberglass insect screen is usually used as windows or doors screens to keep out insects, such as the mosquitoes, flies and bugs in the construction, home, orchard, ranch and other places. It can filter the UV radiation, so it can be used as the patio and pool doors or screens.

Post time: May-20-2019
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