Several different weaving methods of stainless steel window screens

1. Plain weave stainless steel window screen:

It is the most common weaving method, and its main feature is that the density of the warp and weft wire diameters is the same.

2. Stainless steel square mesh

Stainless steel square mesh is suitable for petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries. Strong and wear-resistant properties.

3. Twill weave stainless steel window screen

Material: stainless steel wire weaving: plain weave stainless steel dense mesh, twill weave stainless steel dense mesh, bamboo flower weave stainless steel dense mesh, contrast woven stainless steel dense mesh. Performance: It has the characteristics of stable and fine filtration performance. Uses: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Our factory can design and manufacture various types of products according to user needs.

Stainless steel wire mesh, divided into plain weave. Twill weave, stainless steel wire mesh specifications 20 mesh – 630 mesh.

Materials are SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS302, etc.

Uses: used for screening and filtration in acid and alkali environments, as mud mesh in petroleum industry, as screen filter in chemical fiber industry, and as pickling mesh in electroplating industry

Post time: Aug-23-2022
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