Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

Fiberglass chopped strand mat(often called CSM) is cut glass fiber filament into a 50mm length, then randomly but equally distributed them on the mesh belt. Spread power or emulsion binder by heating after curing bonding into chopped strand mat.

Fiberglass chopped strand mat has some outstanding properties, it is easily wet out by most resin. What’s more, it is easy-processed, good wet strength retention, excellent laminate, transparent clear color.

This CSM is widely used for hand lay-up FRP, for example, various sheets and panels, boat hulls, bath tubs, cooling towers, vehicles, automobile, chemical, electrical industries and other application.

Performance Characteristic:

No spots and debris, smooth edges

Quick permeation, less strength loss. Under moisture conditions.

Easily wet-out, easy to form, roll-out and rapid air lease enhance molding productivity

Water resistant, anti chemical agents, anti-corrosion

Consistent fiberglass content

Excellent mechanical properties

Great unwinding, easy processed, little fuzz and no flying fibers during handling

Excellent flexibility, good mold ability.

Fiberglass Chopped Stand Mat

Post time: Apr-28-2018
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