Fiberglass Pleated Screen China

Fiberglass Pleated Window Screen Mesh is made of woven E or C class filament yarn coated with latex coating used for highly effective mosquito and insect screening. This is a new style of window screen and mosquito shields. The fiberglass pleated window screen can be made into two types: single or double panels. The single mosquito net is a single panel mosquito screen ideal for all kinds of windows in the interiors or exteriors made for the right mosquito control. These fiberglass pleated screens come in special colors upon request to suit your specifications. The most popular colors are charcoal and silver grey.
Pleated single and double mosquito screen system is very effective for mosquito control with the following features:
· Available in single as well as double perfect for horizontal movement.

· They are easy-to-install on all existing windows.

· Its special conceptual design makes it low maintenance.

· The frames of these doors too offer a variety of colors to choose from namely – white, and powder-coated brown.

· With their specific design these mosquito nets are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, French windows and so on.

Post time: Apr-28-2018
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