Polyester Pleated Mesh For Plisse

Introduction of Fiberglass&Polyester Pleated mesh for Plisse System:

The pleated mesh is made of fiberglass and polyester.The color is black and gray normally that enables more light permeation and makes room more bright.

It is ideally suited for the latest sliding plisse insect screen system for door and window.

When not in use, it is easily stored away into a protective housing that keeps the mesh clean, invisible and safe from damage.

It takes little room at side of window or door, making the door and window wide. The screen is operated smoothly and safely. There is no retracting force and it is easy for children to open.

Note: this mesh is fire proof, when there is fire, it is more safe than any other material.

Specification of Fiberglass&Polyester Pleated mesh for Plisse System:

Material: 60% PVC, 21% Polyester, 19% Fiberglass

Folded Height: 15-20mm

Density: 18*16/inch

Weight: 100G/M2;

Yarn diameter: 0.28-0.32mm

Colors: Gray and black

Standard sizes: 1.8M, 2.0M, 2.3M, 2.4M, 2.5M, 2.7M, 3.0M

Standard length: 30m

Polyester Pleated mesh for Plisse

Post time: Apr-28-2018
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