Solution of the Flies and Mosquitoes.

Many people choose the air conditioner. Using the air conditioner, you will get the cooler air without open the windows or doors.
But it is right or effective? The answer is no.

If you use the air conditioner, you will close your windows or doors all the time, the carbon dioxide level will goes up and the air will be not fresh.
This may cause lethargy. It also may cause some people to get sick more frequently.

Another disadvantage is cost. The electricity cost run the air conditioner will be a large expenditure.
In this time, you can consider the insect screen. Insect screen is the most effective way to resist the mosquitoes and flies.

It has equal holes and wire diameter, so it can prevent the mosquitoes, flies and other pests like flies, lizards, spiders and bugs from coming into your home.
Different material and sizes can fit your different requirements. If you want the good air flow, you can choose the relatively large hole size, such as the 14 mesh and 16 mesh.
If you want to resist the small insects, you can choose the small hole size, such as the 18 mesh or 20 mesh.

Post time: May-07-2020
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